YPS Club Participation in FIAP World Cup 2019

FIAP held The World Photographic Cup first in 2001. The World Photographic Cup is one of a kind international team competition, celebrating photography in a way never dreamed of before. Since then there is no looking back. The 13th World Cup held in 2018 was participated by 188 Clubs from 37 countries submitting 3760 works of highest quality.

The 14th FIAP World Cup for Clubs 2019 is already open for submission. The Key Dates are:

  • Upload Start : September 16, 2019
  • Closing Date : November 8, 2019
  • Judging : November 15-17, 2019
  • Results : December 2, 2019
  • Exhibition Open & Award Ceremony : April 25, 2020

A Cup that YPS Needs

Over the last 18 months, after the formation of YPS Salon Group, YPS has been on a winning spree, winning over 55 Best Club Awards, setting records and increasing visibility of YPS across India and abroad. In parallel, YPS has been holding International Salons every year with increasing participation every year. The last International Salon held in 2019 attracted 4765 from 375 participants residing in 35 countries.

It is time to aim for The One Cup that YPS had not competed for in the past, the FIAP World Cup. YPS, a 48 year old, and one of the largest Photography Clubs in India, deserves to have this cup in our medals display at the YPS Hall.

Hence, it was decided by the YPS Executive Committee that YPS now has the strength and support of its members to be able to participate and aim to win The FIAP World Cup.

FIAP Terms and Conditions

FIAP has formulated a fairly flexible set of terms and conditions for clubs from around the world participate. Here are the key points:

  • Fees - YPS will be paying the required participation fee of 53 Euros.
  • Eligibility Criteria - The contest is open to all clubs from around the world whether the club is a member of FIAP or not.
  • Number of Photos - Each participating Club must upload up to 20 pictures. The 20 pictures should not include more than 2 pictures from the same author.
  • No restrictions on Genres - Pictures are not restricted to any particular Genre or Theme or Coherency. Pictures can be include Color and Black and White.
  • Past Acceptances in Worldcup not allowed - Pictures accepted in past FIAP World Cups cannot be submitted.
  • No International Teams - Teams comprising of people from multiple countries is not allowed.
  • No Operational Members of FIAP - Operational members of FIAP cannot participate in World Cup.
  • Single Club Participation - Authors are not allowed to participate from multiple clubs.

Awards for Club & Individuals

Club Awards

  • 1 x FIAP 2019 World Cup - for the best participating club
  • 1 x FIAP Gold Medal - for the club ranked 2nd
  • 1 x FIAP Silver Medal - for the club ranked 3rd
  • 1 x FIAP Bronze Medal - for the club ranked 4th
  • 6 x FIAP Honorable Mentions - for the clubs ranked 5th to 10th
  • Maurice Dorikens Trophy 2015-2019 for the Club achieving the best results between 2015 and 2019

Awards for Authors

For the Authors of the club winning 2019 World Cup:

  • Honorable Mention for all authors of the club winning 2019 World Cup

The following individual awards will be awarded to authors for works of exceptional quality irrespective of whether the author's club has won an award or not. Each author will be awarded only one of the following awards:

  • 1 x FIAP Gold Medal
  • 2 x FIAP Silver Medal
  • 3 x FIAP Bronze Medal
  • 4 x FIAP Honorable Mentions

In addition, YPS will issue a Certificate of Participation to all authors whose pictures have been selected for submission to FIAP irrespective of whether YPS wins an award or not.

YPS Participation powered by Members

YPS will participate in the FIAP World Cup 2019 by submitting 20 pictures received from members.

  1. All Members and Junior Associates - Since it is a privilege to enable YPS win the FIAP World Cup, all Individual Members and Junior Associates whose membership is valid as on Oct 28th, 2019 and all Life Members are eligible to contribute pictures for submission, irrespective of whether they are part of the YPS Salon Group or not. Members can login using YPS ID and Password and use the entry form to submit a portfolio of 5 pictures. There are no restrictions on how many members can participate. YPS Executive Committee members can also participate.
  2. Only Members in India - Due to restrictions imposed by FIAP regarding International Teams, only Members residing in India can participate.
  3. Free for Members - Participation is free. YPS will bear the fee payable to FIAP.
  4. Maximum 5 uploads - Each member can upload up to 5 pictures. Members can always go back and replace pictures till last date for submission.
  5. Last Date for Submission is Oct 28th, 2019 - There will be no extension of date and submission will automatically stop after the last date.
  6. Only online submission - Pictures must be uploaded only through web-site. Pictures submitted through email will not be considered. Since Pictures need to be submitted in high resolution, please plan and upload pictures much ahead of time. YPS will not be in a position to help if members are unable to upload for any reasons in the last hour.
  7. Resolution Required - The picture submitted should have a minimum of 2400 pixels and a maximum of 3500 pixels on the long side. The file format should be JPEG in RGB color with 300 DPI.
  8. Past Acceptances - Pictures accepted in the past Salons of YPS are acceptable. However if a member has received acceptance from past FIAP World Cups by participating through other clubs, such pictures should not be submitted.
  9. Title Required - Each picture must have a proper title of less than 35 characters in length.
  10. Selection by YPS Committee - The YPS Executive Committee, in consultation with YPS Salon Group Leaders will formulate a small team to review each portfolio and select 0 to 2 pictures from each author and finalize the final 20 pictures for submission to FIAP. The web-site will be updated to show the pictures selected for submission to FIAP. The decision of the committee will be final.
  11. Confirmation of Ownership - By uploading the picture the member confirms that he/she is the owner of the picture and has complete rights to submit the picture for participation in the contest.

Submit your best pictures !

Let us win the FIAP World Cup !

Last Date

Oct 28th, 2019

Registered : 15
Pics uploaded : 74